No Bad Bosses #48 - Charlie Hedges

Mr. Charlie Hedges is a financial and business process expert that has spent more than 20 years coaching, consulting, high-level team facilitation, conflict resolution, and creative strategic design for some of the largest businesses and corporations in America and around the world. His clients control billions of dollars in assets and he works closely with all the individuals on the executive team as well as the Board of Directors in improving their business and financial operations. He has designed and facilitated a series of conflict management, production improvement and collaboration sessions with international energy companies as well as financial institutions, and has advised businesses on all aspects of globalization.

Mr. Hedges holds a bachelor of arts degree from Maryhurst College in Portland, Oregon and a Masters from Western Seminary in the same city.

He is certified in numerous business leadership courses and has conducted related training around the world.

David Russell

David is the Founder and CEO of Manage 2 Win.